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HE is Hope is a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit spreading HOPE IN JESUS through: HE is Hope Magazine, HE is Hope Show with Chris and Jen, HE is Hope/Connect, and HE is Hope Conference/Expo, and Revival.

We are serving in His Kingdom; Connecting Christians and Christian-owned businesses.

HE is Hope Show with Chris and Jen, REAL talk, tough LOVE, Biblical TRUTH! Dallas residing newlyweds discussing current events, taboo topics, and living according to God’s Word though it may be unpopular.

The guests we have on share fearless stories of hope, restoration, redemption, and miracles!

In a world currently imprisoned by fear, we are committed to telling
TRUTH!!! This is just a sample of stories our amazing guests share about God’s limitless love in action:

  • God rescued me from pornography and sex addiction.

  • I was on the brink of suicide, but Jesus saved me.

  • I was attacked by a huge grizzly bear but God preserved my life.

That’s why we do I what we do – We want you to hear and see amazing stories of how God brings beauty from ashes – how he brings hope and healing even in the midst of life’s hardest struggles. God is using this show to change lives.

My 17 year old son was murdered on Christmas eve. I was in a bad place. I purchased a gun each day, went to the lake and held it to my head to end my life.

Each day I threw the gun in the lake. After over 50 guns, I sought out professional help. I went on The Jennifer Sheehan Television Show to share my story.

On filming day, after we told our story, God got ahold of my heart and, right there on set, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and savior.

This show is giving people HOPE in Jesus. Bill Adkins.

Through the power of story, HE is Hope is sharing the Gospel in regions across the globe!

We reach an audience of over 3 million people in the U.S., Africa, India, Pakistan, and China.

Will you join us in the effort to see hearts and minds transformed by Jesus Christ around the world through the testimonies of His people?

Will you partner with us so that HE is Hope continues to grow in its influence and reach for Jesus Christ?

HE is Hope - Who Are We?


  • HE is Hope/ConnectEXCLUSIVE CLUB connecting Christians and Christian owned businesses worldwide. Brothers & Sister-IN CHRIST supporting each other socially, economically and spiritually. JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

  • HE is Hope/Revivals – Song, worship, evangelism and baptism. Join our mail list to see upcoming REVIVALS scheduled. We might be coming to your town!

  • HE is Hope/Events – Quarterly events to gather Christian business owners to network and our annual CONFERENCE & EXPO. More local and community events are COMING SOON!

  • HE is Hope SHOW & Podcast – Syndicated show, HE is Hope with Chris and Jen. Real Talk, Tough Love, and BIBLICAL TRUTH.

    Our guests share stories of hope, restoration, struggles, and miracles.

  • HE is Hope/Magazine – With 23 published authors writing for the magazine to inspire, teach, and share HOPE in JESUS! Many Influential believers have graced the magazine cover such as Alveda King, niece of MLK and Kevin Sorbo. We reach to over 600,000 with our digital magazine.

    The magazine is CONNECTING and PROMOTING Christians and Christian- owned businesses worldwide.

We PROMOTE Christian media, music, churches, TV shows, podcasts,

events, non-profits, businesses and much more!!

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