Jennifer Sheehan-Elsaesser was born and raised in Southern California to a bipolar alcoholic mother that mentally and physically abused her. She was just an obligation to her father who disowned her right after she joined the US ARMY at 18.

Jennifer’s mother did however give her the best gift a mother could give a child, sent her to church camp when she was 12 years old and Jennifer prayed to receive JESUS CHRIST as her Lord and Savior. Jesus became Jennifer’s everything and gave her the love her parents couldn’t.

Jennifer knows the love of Jesus Christ who SAVED her and is now sharing stories of hope. Jennifer founded HE is Hope in 2019, starting as a TV Show sharing Christian stories and giving a VOICE to the VOICELESS!

The show started as The Jennifer Sheehan Show on FOX, CW33, and then was picked up by many channels taking it worldwide. Jennifer then gave her for-profit magazine of 20 years to the non-profit ministry and turned it into a Christian magazine.

HE is Hope Magazine goes out to 600,000 with 24 writers sharing knowledge, wisdom and stories of inspiration. We have had some amazing people on our cover to include MLK Jr. Niece, ALVEDA KING.

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Meeting Chris Elsaesser in 2022

Jennifer married the love of her life and brother in Christ, Chris Elsaesser in 2022. A chef on FIRE for Jesus who came along side of her as the Vice President of HE is Hope. They now work full-time in ministry with a show together, magazine, conference/Expo, and revivals.

HE is Hope is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through story and connecting Christians and Christian owned businesses worldwide. Chris and Jennifer love serving each other, God, and His kingdom.

HE is Hope is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit sharing HOPE IN JESUS through: HE is Hope SHOW with Chris and Jen, HE is Hope MAGAZINE, HE is Hope CONNECT, and HE is Hope CONFERENCE/EXPO/REVIVAL.

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HE is Hope SHOW with Chris and Jen- Real TALK, Tough LOVE, Biblical TRUTH!

Dallas residing newlyweds discussing current events, taboo topics, and living according to God’s word though it may be unpopular. Our guests share stories of miracles, hope, and redemption.

We love Y’all, Chris & Jen Elsaesser!

Jennifer’s Testimonial

My life story is unexplainable, see how the power of God
changed everything from pain into victory

Inspire & Give Hope In Jesus

Jennifer Sheehan-Elsaesser is a Television Show Host reaching millions worldwide, Speaker, Author, Magazine Publisher, and Army Veteran, having served one year in Iraq. Growing up in some rough neighborhoods in Southern California, Jennifer learned from an early age how to depend on God alone.

I was born and raised in Southern California to a bipolar, alcoholic, pill-popping mother who was married six times. I was the oldest of four children and we were mentally and physically abused. We got free lunches, food stamps, clothes from garage sales, and even went dumpster diving behind the grocery stores after they closed. We grew up poor and lived in some incredibly rough neighborhoods.

My mother could go from happy, to the kind of rage I have never seen in my life an unfortunately took it out on us children. My mother got rid of us all for free by sending us to church camp for a week when I was in 7th grade. That was the best gift my mother ever gave me because at church camp, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and He became my everything; He SAVED me and I will always serve Him!

I served four years in the Army with one year in Iraq. I became “Supply” and the armorer in charge of maintaining and repairing the weapons. I went from prom princess in high school, to being in Iraq in the middle of a war!

I was just a responsibility to my father and eventually he abandoned me. Jesus saved me and gave me the love my mother and father could not and is the reason I serve HIM. I went from prom princess in high school to being in Iraq in the middle of a war. I believes I became a soldier in the US Army to now a soldier in God’s Army. The Army trained me to be a disciplined soldier, but I knew that there was a higher command from God who had called me to be a warrior of truth to spread the gospel.

It is shocking to most people looking at my life today and hearing where I came from. God took this abused, broken girl, and has lifted her up for His glory. We are all looking for love, joy and peace but unfortunately, we are trying to get it from people and things which will let us down. When you place your trust in God to give you these things, He will not disappoint you and you can let people off the hook.

I remember where I came from and am so thankful to be where I am today. You don’t want to miss this story of hope!


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